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Sara’s Endermologie
The Cellulite Solution



I've been going to Sara's Endomologie in Queens for almost a year now, and have to admit, I'm reluctant to share the secret. I love her prices and love that I can get an appointment fairly easily.

But I think I'm ready to share.

First of all, if you've been looking for a cellulite solution for years (like me), you've researched the heck out of it (like me) and you've read Dr Murad's book The Cellulite Solution (like me), you understand that there are very few things that treat cellulite or actually make a difference, other than genes, vitamins and endermologie.

That's where Sara comes in. She has a room tucked in the back of a popular Hair Salon in Queens and charges $60 for a half hour treatment. As you probably know, this is an unheard of price in NYC.

I've tried many places over the years in NYC and it's expensive and very few people do it well.

Sara has been doing it for over 10 years and she doesn't dick you around trying to sell you package deals or offering discounts for paying upfront.

It's one price, she has the best technique (so does Natalie, her employee), and she's a few blocks from the Broadway stop on the W train.

It's totally worth the travel time, especially if you work in midtown.

Start now -- combine regular endomologie sessions, vitamins (read Dr Murad's book) and a couple of weight sessions a week at the gym and you'll be closer to dimple free by the summer.

Sara's endomologie is one of the best things you can do for your body. At a GREAT price.  .......  Renee W., Los Angeles, CA

Sara is one of the nicest person I've ever met. she is extremely serious about her customer getting the service they pay for and that we as customer get the results we are looking for. Thanks You Sara. I would highly recommend her. if interested she has a package deal which ends this month. as she says " Drink a lot of water" ; )  ....... Nathalie P., Manhattan, NY

Sara is AMAZING. I live on both coasts and have been having endermologie done for two years. Mostly in LA, but now here in NYC as well. Sara is by far the best I've ever gone to. Even better than the LA endermologists. She's extremely professional AND friendly, always makes you feel comfortable...and really focuses on the areas you want her to focus on. I've seen the best results by going to her consistently. She really is fantastic and I would highly recommend her. Her prices are fair and she works hard to make her clients happy. She gets results for you! So glad I found her.  ....... H.R., Astoria, NY

Please call for an evaluation!!!

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Sara's Endermologie
Located in Beauty Palace Salon & Spa
29-11 Broadway
Astoria, NY   11106

(917) 287-2712